Antler Berlin and Future Females recently co-hosted a Clubhouse talk to discuss validating your idea and finding product-market fit. The panel had a mix of founders at different stages, as well as a VC perspective. Speakers included Lauren Dallas, co-founder of Future Females, Saira Gill, Associate Partner at Antler, Charlotte Zhao, co-founder of AVID, and Alicia Becht-Panagotides, founder of Akira.

As we all know, users’ general expectations have increased over the last decade. They expect a shiny new product that’s easy to use. Even still, it’s important to understand what features they specifically want before building things that no one…

Anne Solhaug Tutar, Tanja Kufner, Constanze Buchheim, Charlotte Ekelund - (Left to Right)

Venture capital (VC) financing to startups founded by women exceeded $20 billion for the first time in 2019. This is up from $2 billion 10 years ago. Despite that, in Germany, just 16% of founders are female, while this number is steadily increasing, there is still much work to be done.

Antler recently brought together four women in the startup/ VC ecosystem to discuss challenges and opportunities around this topic.

The conversation was led by Tanja Kufner, Antler Venture Partner and long-time investor, having invested in ~70 companies. She was joined by Constanze Buchheim, an angel investor, and the founder…

A conversation with Aleks Orlic, former co-founder of Penta

I come from an electrical engineering background with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, so, naturally, I began my career as a software programmer. At the beginning of my journey, I already identified areas of my work that really fascinated me — I liked directing and analyzing software architecture, as well as leading, scaling, and managing people and teams. These two entangled concepts became the focus of my work, so much so, that it led me to build a consultancy to help companies nail both topics.

Originally from Serbia, I spent…

A conversation with Emilia Theye, psychologist and former Jung von Matt Strategist

I want to start by saying that my background and life experiences can be categorized by a single theme — my love and understanding for people.

At university in the UK, I decided to study Psychology to follow my passion for understanding people, the mind, and our decision-making process. Through my work experience in psychiatric clinics, I found my niche in the mental health sector — a focus I’m taking into Antler to see what impact I can create there.

On the personality side, I would describe myself…

Anna Drescher

Marketing Associate @ Antler Berlin

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